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  • International Business

    Intl. Business: Trade Series Certificate

    Learn how to use the internet to increase trade with this dynamic series. Identify international opportunities, research online, find export/import assistance online and develop a winning trade strategy plan.
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  • HR Generalist Certificate

    HR Generalist Certificate

    Do you have less than 3 years experience in California as an HR professional? This is an essential program for you. In its 8 modules, the program covers what a typical generalist role consists of, employment laws and HR, terminations and layoffs, wage and hour laws, leaves of absence, selecting quality talent, compensation & benefits trends and HR & supervisory communications.
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  • Harassment Prevention

    Harrassment Prevention

    Whether you are in California and subject to mandatory harassment prevention training requirement (AB1825) for supervisors or outside California, training both employees and supervisors on harassment and discriminatoin prevention can create not only a more harmonious workplace, but significantly reduce chances of a harassment-related lawsuit.
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